Exercise/Fitness, Injury and Nutrition

Alan Gordon MSc. BSc. (Hons 1st) is a Biomechanist, which is an expert in Fitness/Exercise and Injury. He is the only Biomechanist in SE England, the Midland and the Cotswolds, and the only Biomechanist anywhere who also has a degree in Nutrition amongst his qualifications.

Please remember that Alan is dramatically more expert than personal trainers and is regularly retained to assess them. The only reason we use the term 'personal trainer' on his website at all, is because few know what a Biomechanist is. There are only 18 in the entire UK.

Alan has GPs, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Pilates/Yoga teachers and personal trainers on his client list, as well as perfectly straightforward non exercise/medical people, because there will be very little he has not encountered before in his 47 years of experience. Regarding injuries and getting fitter following injury and unwellness; he is personally recommended by Professor Sallie Lamb, Oxford University's Kadoorie Professor of Trauma Rehabilitation, and receives numerous GP referrals.

Alan's specialist fields are the Over 45s of both genders, Weight Loss/Management and Women's Exercise, Injury and Nutrition, so you might like to have an informal, completely no obligation telephone chat with him, about whatever you think he might be able to help you with. His youngest client is 15 and his oldest is 88.  www.alangordon-health.co.uk